Why is Liquid nitrogen vapor storage freezer temperature set to -196℃

2022-11-09 09:39:49

Containers for stem cell storage can be divided into freezer refrigerators, ultra-low temperature refrigerators and liquid nitrogen tanks!

Among them, the liquid nitrogen tank can be divided into gas phase and liquid phase according to the storage mode. Liquid nitrogen vapor storage freezer is also called stem cell tank, which can store large and numerous biological samples represented by stem cells.

Do you know why Liquid nitrogen vapor storage freezer sets the temperature between -130~-196℃?

In short, “biological samples like”!

In this environment, long-term cryopreservation of biological samples can be achieved without affecting the stability of biological macromolecules, cell viability and organization.

However, the temperature of various freezers can only reach -60 °C. In this temperature environment, only purified biomacromolecules can be stored, and the stability of biomacromolecules cannot be maintained, and it is difficult to guarantee cell activity and tissue microstructure.

Ultra-low temperature refrigerator, temperature -80 ℃, can maintain the stability of biological macromolecules in the mid-term, and maintain cell activity in the short-term, which cannot be long-term.

Liquid nitrogen vapor storage freezer, that is, a dry cell tank, uses the principle of liquid nitrogen evaporation to cool down, and the liquid nitrogen evaporation temperature is the sample storage temperature. At this temperature, various biochemical reactions in the sample basically stopped, and cells and tissues were not affected.

Liquid vapor nitrogen storage freezer has a stepped temperature inside due to the use of vaporized nitrogen, and the temperature range is -130℃~-196℃. With intelligent management, it can meet more needs for sample freezing.

Why is Liquid nitrogen vapor storage freezer temperature set to -196℃