Ln2 container, used for temporary storage of liquid nitrogen

2022-12-05 09:37:28

liquid nitrogen, a liquid gas, colorless and non-flammable, but can freeze everything quickly.

Especially good at cryogenic storage of biological samples such as cells, semen, etc.!

Although its low temperature can reach -196 ℃, but also low ignition point, volatile, not easy to save, in order to facilitate its use, there is a ln2 container, or aluminum alloy, or aviation aluminum manufacturing, vacuum insulation structure, to extend the use of liquid nitrogen period.

So, the lN2 container is actually a container used for temporary storage of liquid N2!

As mentioned earlier, the materials used to manufacture liquid nitrogen containers are mostly aluminum alloys, as well as aircraft aluminum.

Tianchi’s LN2 container is made of aviation aluminum alloy, a material mostly used in aerospace manufacturing, with high strength and corrosion resistance but light weight, which makes the container durable and easy to use.

The storage type can only be used for long-term static storage of samples, while the transport type can be used for the transfer of liquid nitrogen and samples, and in terms of temporary storage time, the storage type can be used for a longer time than the transport type.

There is another class of containers for liquid replenishment, called self-pressurized liquid nitrogen containers, also called liquid nitrogen replenishment tank, 304 stainless steel manufacturing, can also temporarily store liquid nitrogen, but the temporary storage time is lower than the aviation aluminum material.

The specific type of lN2 container to be used will depend on your needs!

Ln2 container, used for temporary storage of liquid nitrogen