Smart liquid nitrogen level monitor


TC50-PT is an smart liquid nitrogen level monitor, using high-precision sensor probe imported from Switzerland, powered by dual 18650 high-capacity batteries, USB port can be connected to external power supply and charging, ultra-low power consumption design, single-use battery can last for 4 months (10 minutes to report real-time data), accurate measurement, excellent performance, widely used in liquid nitrogen cryogenic equipment, pharmacy, cold chain transport, laboratory and other places.



  • The intelligent liquid nitrogen level monitor has automatic data reporting settings, which can be actively uploaded to the cloud monitoring platform. There is no need to monitor the host, collector and other equipment. It only needs to set relevant parameters such as the upper and lower limits of temperature. When the ambient temperature exceeds the upper and lower limits and the battery is too low , When the external power supply is disconnected and the device is offline, an alarm will be triggered immediately, and the alarm notification can be sent to the mailbox and mobile phone SMS. Support webpage, mobile APP login to view and export real-time data, real-time curves, alarm records, historical records, etc.
  • 01Cloud monitoring platform, no need to monitor the host, collector and other equipment.
  • 02The data can be viewed on the global landing page and mobile APP.
  • 03Easy to use, use the mobile APP to quickly add devices.
  • 04Support SMS alarm and email alarm.
  • 05LCD large screen display design, generous and beautiful.
  • 06Desktop wall-mounted magnetic structure design, easy to install.
  • 07Super stability and anti-interference ability.
  • 08Use large capacity 18650 battery, rechargeable.
  • 09The battery is anti-reverse, and the battery will not burn when installed reversely.
  • 10Imported high-precision probes, with high measurement accuracy, wide range and good consistency.
  • 11Cloud monitors high temperature, low temperature, high humidity, low humidity, offline, low battery, power failure, etc. The temperature probe is fixed in a suitable position according to actual needs
  • 12Ultra-low power consumption design, it can be powered by a single battery for four months (report interval is 10 minutes).
  • 13Offline recording function, monitor and record data normally when the network is disconnected, and automatically report to the cloud platform after connecting to the network.


Type TC50-PT
sensor type 2 meters per external
Temperature measurement range -200℃~200℃
Temperature measurement accuracy ±0.3℃
Local storage capacity 100,000 groups
Measuring resolution Temperature: 0.1 ℃
Output Interface WIFI ,USB
battery capacity Two knots 6000mAh
Rated voltage USB power supply: 5V / 18650 battery power supply: 3.7V
Consumption Average: 2mA (report once every 10 minutes)
Effective working area Average: 2mA (report once every 10 minutes)


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