Low liquid level liquid nitrogen alarm


The Model TIANCHI/LNA-200 is a small economical unit with temperature and low level alarms for liquid nitrogen(LN2) dewars. It is a self contained unit featuring large LED readout, Temperature Alarm setting, CANCEL, DEC,INC and OK. The unit come with a core that easily attaches to the handle of any size dewars.



  • It is very easy to install with dewars. When you press“CANCEL”button waiting for 3 second, you can set your alarm temperature,and you can increase alarm temperature and decrease when you press “INC” and “DEC” button. Inset probe into container, and locate your probe at the liquid nitrogen level you wantting where when probe come out the liquid nitrogen level the Alarm will sound and lighting.
  • CANCEL: menu key/cancel key (press and hold to display the P menu to enter the setting state)
  • DEC: Decrease key
  • INC: Increment key
  • OK: Confirm key
  • Parameters:
  • Power: DC5V
  • Power consumption: <0.5W@DC5V
  • Sensor Type: Pt100
  • Temperature measurement precision: 0.5﹪FS±0.25℃
  • Temperature measurement range: -200°C ~ 100°C
  • Resolution: 0.1℃
  • Sampling rate: 2 times per second
  • Display digits: 6 digits
  • Display mode: LCD screen
  • Working environment temperature: 0~50℃
  • Working environment humidity: ≤85﹪R


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