Processing method of hollow ice produced by commercial ice cube machine

2023-04-21 09:48:23

The ice making process of the ice machine is mostly similar, whether it is commercial or otherwise, the evaporator, refrigerant, and carrier “water” are indispensable.

Due to the high frequency of ice making in commercial ice cube machines, the calling frequency of these “auxiliary” ice making machines is also higher than that in domestic use. Therefore, some failures that are rare in domestic ice making are often encountered, and hollow ice is one of them.

Today, ice machine manufacturers will talk about “repair methods for hollow ice produced by commercial cube ice machines”:

1.Change the position of the machine due to poor heat dissipation

Hollow ice, that is, the integrity of the ice is not enough, there is a depression inside, and the hardness is not enough, and the refrigeration determines the hardness of the ice.

Under the premise that the refrigerant is sufficient, it can be speculated that it is caused by poor heat dissipation. Check the position of the heat dissipation vent of the commercial ice cube machine to see if the heat dissipation vent is blocked, or it is facing the wall, resulting in the inability to dissipate heat, which in turn affects the quality of ice cubes. .

2.If there is dust and dirt, clean the ice machine in time

Long-term use of the ice cube machine without cleaning is likely to be hollow because of dust and dirt, which leads to poor heat dissipation; it is also necessary to check by yourself, or recall the last cleaning time, and clean the machine regularly, especially the ice tray, The evaporator must be kept clean so that good ice cubes can be used.

In addition, the lack of refrigerant in the ice cube machine may also form hollow ice. Developing the habit of regular inspections and clearly understanding the frequency of refrigerant exhaustion is also a way to avoid hollow ice.

There are two methods of repairing the hollow ice of the commercial ice cube mechanism. If it is a problem with the heat dissipation vent, move the machine to a ventilation position. If it is a problem with dirt, clean it in time, and then check the refrigerant regularly to ensure that the ice production is safe.

Processing method of hollow ice produced by commercial ice cube machine