Sample Storage Locations for Cell Bank Storage Tanks

2023-07-24 09:41:31

Different from the single liquid phase storage mode of the YDS series liquid nitrogen tank, the YDD series cell bank storage tank has two storage modes of liquid phase and gas phase, regardless of the capacity.

Different sample storage methods often affect the sample storage location. For single-phase storage, cells or sperm samples are soaked in liquid nitrogen, and the sample is where the liquid nitrogen is. For cell bank storage tanks with dual storage modes, to support two modes, it is necessary to consider that both modes are compatible and simple and quick to store, not just where the liquid nitrogen is and where the samples are, so that gas phase storage is not easy to achieve!

Where will the sample storage location of the cell bank storage tank be?

Below the mouth of the container, above the large tray, that is, above the liquid nitrogen storage area!

There are two areas in the cell bank storage tank. The relatively small one is the liquid nitrogen storage area below the tray and at the bottom, and the larger one is above the liquid nitrogen. The sample storage area is held up by the tray, which is our sample storage location.

The purpose of this design is that the evaporation of liquid nitrogen at the bottom can supply low-temperature gas to the upper sample to achieve cold storage; at the same time, the liquid nitrogen does not touch the sample, and it is not easy to cause problems such as tube explosion or cross-contamination caused by cryogenic liquid entering the cryogenic tube.

This design does not affect the use of liquid phase storage, just inject more liquid nitrogen into the cell bank storage tank, and the liquid nitrogen that can completely immerse the upper sample is enough. If storage in the gas phase is required, refill with the tray as the limit.

The above is the sample storage location and design principle of the cell bank storage tank!

Sample Storage Locations for Cell Bank Storage Tanks