Simple instructions for using the snowflake ice machine

2022-10-24 09:48:02

There are many ice machines on the market, but the one that is favored by experimenters is the Snowflake ice machine. The finely crushed ice makes it perform well in ice bath experiments, and the large contact area with the sample tubes cools the temperature quickly without contaminating the biological samples.

Of course, if you want the machine to make standard snowflake ice, your use should follow the ice machine instructions. Today, Tianchi will take you to briefly learn the use of snowflake ice machine.

1.Before powering on the snowflake ice machine, connect to the water source, open the water valve switch and adjust the water pressure.

2.Initial power on, if the 5 lights are on 1S at the same time, it means the system completes the power on reset, and it can work normally.

3.If the power indicator (L1) is on, and the water shortage indicator (L3) is flashing, it means that the power is on for 3min delay.

4.Tap the button (M0) or 3min delay time to, snowflake ice machine start working, ice auger motor start first, 15s after the compressor work, the fan is controlled, ice full automatic shutdown.

5.In the working process of the snowflake ice machine, click the button to manually shut down the machine, shut down the compressor first, the fan and ice auger motor delay 15s to shut down, ice full indicator light (L2) flashing, indicating the shutdown state, click the button again to turn on the machine.

6.In the delayed boot stage, click the button to end the delay and quickly boot up the computer.

The operation of the snowflake ice machine is not difficult, as long as you follow the instructions to operate once, the next use will be very simple it!

Simple instructions for using the snowflake ice machine