Snowflake Ice Machine Selection Manual

2022-08-01 10:09:33

Snowflake ice machine, a common tool for life science experiments, relies on its delivery for the high-quality ice required by the laboratory ice bath.

Although the quality of the product needs to be checked, it is the machine that determines the quality of the ice first. The machine is well guarded, and the user can save worry and effort.

So, you see, how to choose a good snow ice machine is very important.

Without further ado, here is the Snowflake Ice Machine Selection Manual:

1.It should comply with the relevant standards of the snowflake ice maker, and have drawings and technical documents approved in accordance with the prescribed procedures.

2.For metal parts, the surface should be treated with anti-corrosion treatment.

3.For stainless steel parts, the surface should be metallic luster, and the shell should be free of obvious scratches and scratches.

4.For metal plated parts, the surface should be uniform in color and smooth, without peeling, pinholes, and obvious spots and scratches.

5.For surface-coated parts, the surface of the coating should be flat, uniform and consistent in color, and there should be no obvious defects such as obvious bubbles, flow marks, and missing coating.

6.For plastic parts, the surface should be flat and uniform in color, and there should be no defects such as cracks, bubbles and obvious shrinkage holes, and should be resistant to aging.

7.The connection of various parts should be firm and reliable, and there should be no friction and collision between the pipeline and the parts.

8.The refrigeration system and water system are sealed, and the refrigeration compressor and refrigeration system parts and components shall comply with the corresponding national standards or industry standards.

9.The thermal insulation layer should have good thermal insulation performance, should not have obvious shrinkage and deformation, and be non-toxic, odorless and flame-retardant.

10.The speed reducer is stable, no abnormal sound, and there should be no oil leakage at the shaft seal.

In addition, if there is a water pump, make sure that the flow and head of the water pump can work normally.

Snowflake Ice Machine Selection Manual