Snowflake Ice Machine Status Indicator Description

2022-04-11 09:36:55

When you get a snowflake ice machine, the first thing you need to know is its instructions and operating steps, as well as some troubleshooting skills. Among these many instructions, pay special attention to the indicator lights. You need to know what each indicator light does. What do they light or flash to remind you? Let’s learn with Tianchi below!

Snowflake Ice Machine Status Indicator Description:

1. The power indicator L1, green means it is on when power is on;

2. The ice full indicator L2, red on, indicates the ice full shutdown state;

3. The ice full indicator L2, flashing red, indicates the manual shutdown state;

4. Water shortage indicator L3, yellow on, indicates that the water tank is short of water and shut down;

5. The temperature indicator L4, yellow on, indicates that the ambient or condensation temperature is too high (over 57°C);

6. The temperature indicator light L4, flashing yellow, indicates that the machine is shut down due to an evaporating temperature failure (the evaporating temperature of the compressor is not lower than 0°C after 10 minutes of operation);

7. Ice drill speed indicator L5, yellow on, indicates that the rotation speed of the rotating motor (the speed of the ice brick is less than 10 rpm/10min) is faulty and shut down.

Each indicator light of the snowflake ice maker points to different states of the machine, learn to judge, and then your ice making journey will be smoother.