Snowflake ice machine connected to tap water or pure water

2023-02-10 09:51:49

Ice making is the process of turning water into ice, so water is needed before a snowflake ice machine can make ice.

What kind of water should that be?

River water and sea water can make ice, as can ordinary tap water, as well as pure water, weak alkaline water and more!

Of course, as a laboratory ice, with the use of snow ice machine must not be river water seawater, debris sterilization is very troublesome, then whether the connection should be tap water or pure water?

The answer from the ice machine manufacturer is “pure water”!

Because pure water does not contain organic contaminants, inorganic salts and other impurities or bacteria, nor additives and various types of impurities, natural water is obtained by means of electrodialysis, ion exchange, reverse osmosis and distillation, and is kept sealed and free of additives.

This water is used in snowflake ice machines without creating limescale, which adds extra “load” to the ice machine, and produces a purer and clearer ice, which is perfect for laboratory ice baths.

If you must want to use tap water, you need to pay attention to the local water quality, water quality is better can be used directly, but if the water quality is poor, the tap water has a sense of particles, remember to add a filter for the filtration of impurities to avoid scale generation, erosion of the machine, affecting the service life of the ice machine.

So, all things considered, it’s better to connect pure water to your snowflake ice machine!

Snowflake ice machine connected to tap water or pure water