Storage advantages of stem cell banking

2022-10-21 10:17:18

Stem cell banking, which runs a cryogenic environment internally while storing biological samples, is used in the same direction as liquid nitrogen tanks, which are also cryogenic containers, but with different target samples. It is more suitable for long-term static storage of large volumes of samples because it has the following storage advantages!

Storage advantages of stem cell banking:

1.Obviously large capacity

Just look at the shape of the stem cell bank and you can see why it is used to store large volumes of samples, because it has enough space!

With a large volume of 350~1800 liters, the freezing capacity in tens of thousands is much higher than that of conventional liquid nitrogen tanks.

2.Safer gas phase freezing mode

Stem cell banking is mainly in gas phase freezing mode, but liquid phase storage by immersion is also supported and can be selected on demand.

However, in terms of safety or gas phase freezing is better, it uses a tray to separate the liquid nitrogen and the sample, the bottom evaporator evaporates the liquid nitrogen to form a low-temperature environment, the sample is stored above the liquid nitrogen, unlike the traditional immersion in liquid nitrogen, will not burst the tube and no pollution.

3.More excellent temperature uniformity stability

It is not easy to preserve samples, and the reason why liquid nitrogen is used more often is because the low temperature of liquid nitrogen far exceeds the temperature required for the sample, even if there are some fluctuations.

Although the stem cell vault does not maintain a low temperature of -196°C like liquid nitrogen tanks, it has excellent temperature uniformity and stability, the temperature varies from storage area to storage area but rarely fluctuates, and even with the lid open for 48 hours, the internal temperature is below -150°C, which is sufficient for samples.

In addition to these 3, intelligent management can also be counted among the storage advantages of stem cell banking, with intelligent monitoring of temperature, data collection, automatic replenishment or alarm, etc., making sample storage and management easy.

Storage advantages of stem cell banking