Storage temperature of gas phase liquid nitrogen tank

2022-04-18 09:23:25

In medical research, cryopreservation of stem cells and blood samples is inseparable from liquid nitrogen tanks, especially gas-phase liquid nitrogen tanks. This new type of liquid nitrogen tank is very different from conventional storage tanks. Its cryogenic storage method is no longer a liquid phase, but a gas phase, allowing liquid nitrogen to act as a “fuel” at the bottom to provide low-temperature nitrogen for the sample. The advantage is that it is safer . But many users worry about whether its temperature can meet the sample needs.

In fact, there is no need to worry, the gas phase liquid nitrogen tank, even at the position of the tank mouth with the highest temperature, the low temperature is around -190 ℃.

Although the internal temperature of the gas-phase liquid nitrogen tank is divided into zones, the difference between them is about 10 °C. The lower the temperature, the lower the temperature. No matter where the sample is stored, it will not lose its activity, or be “awakened” due to large temperature changes.

This step-by-step low temperature gives more options for sample storage. For example, if a certain type of cells likes lower temperatures, they will be stored at the bottom, and vice versa. Compared with liquid-phase storage, which has been stable at -196 °C, gas-phase storage is more flexible.

Storage temperature of gas phase liquid nitrogen tank