The advantages of biobank tanks, how much do you know

2022-04-27 09:29:22

Liquid Nitrogen Dewars has dominated the sample storage market since the Dewar vacuum jacket principle in 1988, but this year, the biobank tanks has earned enough attention.

Biobank tanks can store a large number of experimental samples, such as stem cells, semen, plasma, etc. Its fully automatic, safe and reliable cryogenic liquid nitrogen storage system can ensure long-term static storage of samples in a constant temperature environment and improve the utilization rate of liquid nitrogen tanks. while reducing storage costs. It also has many advantages, the following Tianchi will come for you one by one.

Advantages of biobank tanks:

1. The single unit has a large storage capacity and a small footprint.

2. There are two storage methods of gas phase and liquid phase to meet all the needs of users.

3. High vacuum multi-layer thermal insulation and eccentric diameter design greatly reduce the evaporation loss rate of liquid nitrogen.

4. Electronic temperature control and liquid nitrogen dispersion technology allow the biobank tanks to cool down intelligently, keep the constant temperature process uniform and stable, and stabilize the temperature of the tank mouth at -190°C.

5. 2 steps + rotating tray partition design, easy to access samples.

6. The microprocessor control system can permanently save the running data and support data transmission.

7. It has advanced temperature, liquid level monitoring and alarm functions to reduce unnecessary energy consumption and improve safety.

8. The automatic rehydration device intelligently monitors the temperature and liquid level in the tank, and replenishes the liquid in time.

9. The superheated nitrogen gas will be automatically excluded when rehydrating.

10. One-key defogging function, easy to find and take samples, etc.

11. The biobank tanks have an anti-seismic design, which can resist earthquakes of magnitude 8 and ensure the safe operation of the equipment.

The advantages of biobank tanks, how much do you know