The flake ice machine once stopped working, what should I do?

2022-07-22 14:43:23

Flake ice machine is named because it is good at making flake ice. Its ice shape is round, without sharp edges and corners, and has a good moisturizing effect.

In addition, it has the characteristics of large cooling capacity and will not stab frozen items, and is often used in food quick-freezing and large-scale refrigeration equipment.

However, the machine will inevitably fail, and the flake ice machine is also unavoidable. If the ice making capacity is large, it will sometimes stop once making ice. Why is this? What should we do?

The flake ice machine does not work for one time, the reasons and solutions are as follows:

Reason 1: The ice cube is too thin, and it has melted on the ice tray before the ice has been removed.

Solution: Adjust the ice thickness probe with a probe, so that the iron piece of the probe is farther away from the ice tray; if there is a screw, turn the screw inward to thicken the ice cube.

Reason 2: The ice tray is too dirty, and the ice flakes contact to accelerate melting.

Solution: Clean the ice tray with an acidic liquid.

Reason 3: Desoldering of the ice tray

Solution: If the front side is desoldered, directly remove the one that is desoldered; if the reverse side of the copper tube is desoldered, it can be repaired by welding, if not, only the ice tray can be replaced.

Reason 4: The metal of the ice tray and the plastic parts on the side are cracked

Solution: Play silica gel on the crack.

Reason 5: The amount of condensed water is large, and there is still water discharged when defrosting

Solution: Adjust the pressure water stop valve to make the water output smaller.

Reason 6: The defrost valve does not start

Solution: Connect 220V to test whether it can be started, if possible, the computer board is faulty, otherwise it is the defrost valve problem.

The flake ice machine once stopped working