The newly bought laboratory snowflake ice machine has a loud ice sound. Why?

2023-07-14 10:17:10

Generally speaking, the ice making process of a brand new laboratory snowflake ice machine will be smooth and efficient, because all parts are not worn out, and there is no problem of service life. But if a laboratory snowflake ice machine is newly bought, the ice-making efficiency is really high, but the ice-making sound is loud every time, is this normal? why?

If only the ice making sound is loud, but there are no problems in other aspects, you can start by checking the placement of the snowflake ice machine!

One possibility is that the ice maker just sits on an uneven spot in the lab

If the location is uneven, the vibration sound of the machine will be particularly obvious after the snowflake ice machine is turned on. The original weak ice-making sound, due to the collision of the ground and the slightly shaking machine shell, the sound will be amplified, resulting in the title of this situation.

Another possibility: Items placed on top of lab ice maker

You can check to see if you dropped something on top of your snowflake ice maker; or didn’t realize you shouldn’t put something on it. The vibration principle of placing items on the top is the same as placing them on uneven ground, which will amplify the sound of ice making.

There is another kind that often occurs on ice machines that have been used for a period of time. The possibility of new laboratory snowflake ice machines is not high but cannot be completely ruled out, that is, foreign matter has entered. If it is not the above two problems, you can go to the inside of the ice machine. After finding foreign objects, cut off the power first, and then use tools to remove the foreign objects to solve the problem.

The newly bought laboratory snowflake ice machine has a loud ice sound. Why