Under what circumstances is it suitable to use Ln2 freezer?

2024-05-31 09:39:40

As a representative container for vapor phase storage, the “ln2 freezer”, despite its high price and limited use site, has quickly emerged due to its safe sample storage and intelligence. In its exclusive field, this new liquid nitrogen storage equipment has won unanimous praise. It even prompted the emergence of its smaller version – small liquid phase tank, which covers a wider range and is applicable to more situations.

So under what circumstances are ln2 freezers used?

Answer: When large quantities of biological samples are preserved and various sample libraries are established!

Large batches of biological samples refer to >6,000 2ml or 5ml cell cryopreservation tubes, >10,000 to 20,000 frozen fine tubes, or other types of samples with large storage requirements that cannot be accommodated by conventional YDS liquid nitrogen tanks, such as stem cells, vaccines, animal and plant embryos, tissues, or blood samples. In this case, you can choose a ln2 freezer!

The Ln2 freezer provides a gas phase storage mode + intelligent monitoring and management for the preservation of large quantities of samples and the establishment of sample libraries, and has the vacuum insulation and heat preservation assistance of the liquid nitrogen container. In vapor phase storage, a relatively small amount of liquid nitrogen evaporation can provide the low temperature of the entire container, and there is no liquid transfer in the middle, even if one or two cryotubes are sealed abnormally. The intelligent system provides liquid level and temperature monitoring, and real-time warning; there is a hot gas bypass to avoid the introduction of external heat during liquid replenishment; one-button defogger assists in rapid sampling and dissipates nitrogen at the tank mouth.

Of course, if you want liquid phase storage, you can also buy a few more yds liquid nitrogen tanks. The only difference is that yds has no intelligent equipment to monitor the liquid level and temperature, and you need to install additional liquid nitrogen tank alarms, and there are also troubles in management and data recording. And large-scale liquid phase storage is more challenging to the sealing quality of cryopreservation tubes, otherwise a cross contamination will cause heavy losses.

All in all, in terms of the convenience of large-volume sample storage and management, the ln2 freezer is more suitable!

Under what circumstances is it suitable to use Ln2 freezer