What are the liquid nitrogen storage dewar accessories?

2023-03-27 08:40:04

The liquid nitrogen tank is mainly used to store samples. For the convenience of use, accessories will be added during production. The liquid nitrogen tank has been used for so long. Do you know those accessories that belong to it? Today KGSQ will tell you about the liquid nitrogen storage Dewar accessories. which ones?

1. The lock cover, which can lock the liquid nitrogen tank to prevent other people from opening it, can protect the safety of the sample and has a certain anti-theft effect;

2. The protective cover is mainly to protect the tank body from collisions, and the appearance is also better, but if there is a transitional collision or a severe collision, a small protective cover will not play an important role, so handle it with care when moving;

3. The neck plug is mainly used to block the neck of the liquid nitrogen tank to reduce the volatilization of liquid nitrogen. It can preserve liquid nitrogen to a certain extent and fix the bucket;

4. The bucket is mainly used to preserve the semen of cattle, sheep and other fine breeds of animals. It is divided into square buckets and round buckets, and the bottom is divided into leaky and non-leaky;

5. Cryopreservation rack is to put the cryopreservation boxes of various samples in the cryopreservation rack, which is convenient for accessing the cryopreservation boxes, making better use of space and storing more samples.

These are the accessories for the liquid nitrogen tank, you have used those.

What are the liquid nitrogen storage dewar accessories?