What are biobank samples?

2022-07-01 09:33:55

When it comes to long-term freezing of samples, or low-temperature storage of experimental samples, people’s first impression is a liquid nitrogen tank.

The low temperature of -196°C in the liquid nitrogen tank maximizes the physical properties of liquid nitrogen, which seems to be impeccable, but it is only for cryopreservation of a small amount or a little more samples, and encounters large-scale samples, such as stem cells, embryos, vaccines, etc. , it has to be a biobank!

What are biobank samples?

A biobank is a standardized collection, processing, and storage of macromolecules, cells, tissues, and organs for use in health research and disease organisms.

As well as preliminarily processed biological sample strains, DNA, RNA, etc., with the development of science, the storage content in the biological sample bank has become more and more abundant, further improving the research center’s scientific research ability and disease prevention and control technology level.

In order to ensure the smooth operation of biological samples and provide the best protection for these precious biological samples, the biological sample library uses advanced high-vacuum multi-layer insulation, electronic temperature control and liquid nitrogen dispersion technology to make the intelligent cooling and constant temperature process uniform and stable, and at the same time. Has excellent temperature stability after opening.

The biological sample library is mainly based on gas-phase storage. It can provide immersion storage, can be connected to remote monitoring, can automatically supply liquid nitrogen, and permanently save operating data, etc., humanized design, and comfortable to use.

What are biobank samples