What are cryogenic storage dewar used for?

2022-08-24 09:48:22

Like liquid nitrogen tanks are mainly used for sample preservation;

The volatilization of liquid nitrogen is slowed down by the vacuum insulation structure, and the samples of laboratory and animal husbandry are preserved;

It can also be used in machinery manufacturing, electronics, metallurgy and other fields;

The cryogenic storage dewar also has its own uses. What are the uses of stainless steel as the main material?

Uses of cryogenic storage dewars:

Use its own pressure to achieve continuous drainage to replenish liquid nitrogen for other biological containers; The structure of the cryogenic storage dewar is not like a liquid nitrogen tank, it has no sample storage space and no opening design;

Therefore, it is neither possible to store samples nor to transfer samples. It is only used as a supplementary tank for the liquid nitrogen container for transferring liquid nitrogen.

However, its transfer liquid nitrogen and liquid nitrogen pump are different.

As a new classification of liquid nitrogen tanks, cryogenic storage dewars have the same liquid storage capacity as other liquid nitrogen tanks.

Therefore, its liquid nitrogen transfer is to transfer the liquid nitrogen in its own liner to other biological containers, rather than exist as a transfer tool like a liquid nitrogen pump, which does not carry liquid nitrogen itself, but only acts as a “media” for liquid nitrogen transfer. .

Moreover, compared with the traditional liquid nitrogen filling method, the cryogenic storage dewar is more automated, and several valves control the liquid nitrogen delivery, which is very easy. The pressure is lower than 0.1MPa, there is no safety risk, and it can be used for liquid nitrogen transportation in cryogenic, animal husbandry, medicine, food, low-temperature chemical industry and other fields!

What are cryogenic storage dewar used for