What are dry shipper containers used for?

2023-07-28 10:18:47

The classification of liquid nitrogen containers includes aluminum alloy liquid nitrogen tanks, dry shipper containers, 304 stainless steel liquid nitrogen supply tanks, and gas phase liquid nitrogen tanks.

Different containers have different functions. The aluminum alloy liquid nitrogen tank YDS series that everyone is more familiar with can be used for long-term storage of biological samples within 6000; the liquid nitrogen supply tank is used to supply liquid nitrogen to other containers, and the gas phase liquid nitrogen tank can store more than 10,000 samples in the gas phase only left and right.

So what is the dry shipper container that everyone is relatively unfamiliar with?

Bring biological samples on planes and high-speed trains!

We know that public transportation such as airplanes and high-speed rails are prohibited from carrying liquids, let alone low-temperature liquid nitrogen at -196°C.

But sometimes samples need to be transferred over long distances. The transfer cannot be separated from liquid nitrogen, and these means of transportation must be used. What should I do? Dry shipper containers are produced based on such needs of users.

It can hold liquid nitrogen!

Different from the YDS series liquid nitrogen tank, although the dry shipper container also contains liquid nitrogen, there is an adsorption layer and a filter inside, which can absorb liquid nitrogen and form liquid nitrogen in the adsorption layer, and there is no liquid nitrogen in the inner tank state, and then use the liquid nitrogen adsorbed in the tank wall to maintain the low temperature. In this way, there is actually no liquid nitrogen in the tank, and it can pass through the security checks at airports and high-speed rail stations smoothly.

In addition, in practical applications, everyone should pay attention to the need to fill the tank with liquid nitrogen in advance before transshipment to allow time for the adsorption layer to absorb. Before leaving for the airport, pour out the remaining liquid nitrogen in the tank, and then carry the dry shipper container. Get on a plane or train.

What are dry shipper containers used for