What are liquid nitrogen tanks mainly used for in scientific research?

2023-03-15 08:23:46

For those who don’t know, they may not even know what a liquid nitrogen tank is, but liquid nitrogen tanks play an extremely important role in the field of scientific research.It mainly provides stable low-temperature equipment for the long-term active preservation of vaccines, bacterial strains, cells, and human and animal organs in the biomedical field. It can also be called a liquid nitrogen sample storage tank.

In addition, in order to facilitate transportation, KGSQ also specially produced transport-type liquid nitrogen tanks to meet the long-distance transshipment needs of samples.

There are many models of KGSQ liquid nitrogen tanks, which can meet various calibers and volumes. For the needs of laboratories, the commonly used ones are 125mm and 210mm in diameter and 30-175 liters in volume, which can be matched with multi-layer square buckets and freezer boxes. Store together, the capacity of storing samples is large, and it is specially designed for the storage of biology colleges and hospitals.

In addition, KGSQ supports ODM and DEM customized production; it is made of aviation aluminum, which is durable; it has complete models and accessories; it has good low-temperature storage performance; it has multiple humanized designs; quality and after-sales service are guaranteed. Welcome your inquiry, we will serve you wholeheartedly.

What are liquid nitrogen tanks mainly used for in scientific research?