What are the Ln2 tank models?

2022-07-06 09:18:05

Ln2 tank, a kind of low temperature storage tank, made of aviation aluminum alloy, with high strength, high quality, light weight, good thermal insulation performance, and can store samples or liquid nitrogen. You can choose the appropriate model according to the number or size of the sample. What models does it have?

Model of Ln2 tank:

Ln2 tank models include YDS-2, YDS-3, YDS-6, YDS-10, YDS-15, YDS-20, YDS-30, YDS-35, YDS-50B, YDS-65, YDS-80, YDS- 100, YDS-120, YDS-150, YDS-175.

The caliber is 35mm for YDS-2 and 50mm for YDS-3 and YDS-6, and the volume is less than 30 liters.

In addition, it can also be divided into storage type and transportation type according to the purpose, transportation type Ln2 tank, the letter “B” is added to the model to distinguish, such as YDS-30B, which is a 30-liter transport type Ln2 tank, with a shock-proof design, can be used for short distances. Transport samples or liquid nitrogen, and can also be used for static storage.

The storage type Ln2 tank is mainly used for indoor liquid nitrogen and sample static storage, and the storage time is long, but it cannot be used for long-distance transportation under working conditions. That is to say, if a storage type liquid nitrogen tank is to be transported, it must be an empty tank. , there is no liquid nitrogen and no sample inside.

What are the Ln2 tank models