What are the advantages of gas phase cryogenic storage systems?

2022-12-12 09:46:17

Cryogenic storage is mostly done with the help of cryogenic containers, such as liquid nitrogen containers!

The combination of cryogenic storage + liquid nitrogen container can be divided into gas phase cryogenic storage system and liquid phase!

The liquid phase storage system is straightforward, just place the sample in liquid nitrogen and let the liquid nitrogen completely cover the sample.

The gas phase cryogenic storage system is indirect, with the help of liquid nitrogen cryogenic, but not directly with liquid nitrogen cooling, where is its advantage?

Advantages of gas phase cryogenic storage systems.

The advantages of liquid phase cryogenic storage are clear, as it is completely covered by liquid nitrogen, which is -196°C constant for the sample.

However, such a model is more dependent on the sealing of the lyophilization tube, the sample will be safe if it is well sealed, and the liquid nitrogen will easily enter the tube to cause cross-contamination or bursting of the tube if it is not well sealed.

The vapor phase cryogenic storage system has no such pitfalls, as it is modeled to store liquid nitrogen and samples separately, with the liquid nitrogen having its own area and the samples not only having their own area but also being able to be stored in separate categories.

With such a model of gas phase cryogenic storage system, liquid nitrogen will not touch the sample regardless of the freeze tube seal, bursting or contamination problems are solved from the root, making the operation safer and more stable.

In addition to this, the biggest advantage of the gas phase cryogenic storage system is the intelligent monitoring and management, which can follow the system guidelines to find the right sample and reduce the opening time; it can automatically refill the liquid, as long as the appropriate refill height is pre-set. It can also automatically monitor and alarm abnormalities, so that the user has more control over the sample situation.

It also has excellent temperature uniformity and stability, open the lid for 48 hours low temperature is still around -150 ℃, cut off the liquid nitrogen supply for 7 days, the temperature -185 ℃, 20 days temperature below -135 ℃, etc., can give samples a safer environment.

What are the advantages of gas phase cryogenic storage systems