What are the advantages of liquid nitrogen supply tanks?

2023-05-26 09:54:31

There are two ways to replenish liquid nitrogen containers: gas companies and liquid nitrogen supply tanks!

Some gas companies will limit the size of the liquid nitrogen tank, and how much capacity can be used to fill it. If you want to refill a small tank, you need to store a sufficient amount of liquid nitrogen first, or concentrate enough capacity to empty the liquid nitrogen tank and go to the gas company for rehydration!

For laboratory liquid nitrogen tanks for storing samples, the tank body is too large to move, and moving samples back and forth is not conducive to research. A more suitable way is to use a self-pressurized liquid nitrogen tank, that is, a liquid nitrogen supply tank. There are wheels to move the refill.

The biological sample bank series liquid nitrogen tanks are used with liquid nitrogen supply tanks for the same reason.

In addition to the above convenience, the liquid nitrogen supply tank has the following advantages:

Advantage 1: safe low pressure

Although the shape of the liquid nitrogen supply tank is the same as that of a Dewar bottle, the pressure is very different!

The working pressure of the supply tank does not exceed 0.1MPa, which is a low-pressure container; while the Dewar bottle is high-pressure and medium-pressure.

In comparison, low pressure is safer and there is no risk of explosion.

What’s more, the liquid nitrogen supply tank is also equipped with double safety valves to ensure the efficiency and ensure that the pressurization does not exceed 0.1MPa.

Advantage 2: stable infusion

Although the liquid nitrogen supply tank is low pressure, the liquid nitrogen flow rate is not weak;

According to the actual measurement of the KGSQ manufacturer, in the case of full liquid nitrogen, it only takes 20 seconds to pressurize to the standard output pressure of 0.05MPa;

The storage capacity of liquid nitrogen is 3/4, pressurized to 0.05MPa in 1 minute. Quickly complete liquid nitrogen delivery.

In addition, the liquid nitrogen supply tank also has the characteristics of only supplying liquid nitrogen, pressurization does not rely on external force, and is realized by a small amount of internal liquid nitrogen gasification, which can better ensure the purity of the supplied liquid nitrogen.

What are the advantages of liquid nitrogen supply tanks