What are the common capacities of artificial insemination tanks?

2024-01-08 10:12:57

Livestock insemination is one of the main directions for using liquid nitrogen containers, and its market share remains high;

Therefore, in order to facilitate the use of livestock farmers, many manufacturers have combined some commonly used capacities into a series of artificial insemination tanks, or liquid nitrogen sperm storage tanks, semen tanks, etc., and equipped with round buckets that are more suitable for placing cattle seminal tubes to prevent cattle semen. The missing locking lid, and the leather protective cover that protects the container from knocks!

Understand the related accessories and their classification. Do you know the common capacities of artificial insemination tanks?

What are they?

Which ones are they?

According to the classification of KGSQ liquid nitrogen tanks, the capacity of artificial insemination tanks is between 2-35 liters. Commonly used capacities can be divided into two situations!

1. Collecting cattle semen, going out for breeding, or having a small amount of semen

Those who need to go out to collect cattle semen and bring jars for breeding, or those who have just entered the industry and are still in the initial stage, often use 6-liter or 10-liter artificial insemination jars if the number of samples is small. These two small liquid nitrogen tanks have a portable design and a small diameter of 50mm. The static storage time of liquid nitrogen is 53 days and 87 days respectively. The frequency of adding liquid nitrogen is low and they are easy to carry around. The 792 bottles of beef essence reserve 0.5ml, 0.25 1788 pieces of ml, the basic needs of this type of users can be met.

I think these two small ones also have 15-liter and 16-liter options, especially the 16-liter short tank, which is convenient for in-car use.

2. Long-term storage of frozen semen at home or on the farm, and the quantity is large

We are engaged in the livestock breeding industry and have been working on the commonly used 30-liter and 35-liter artificial insemination tanks for cattle semen preservation. In terms of caliber, 50mm and 125mm are more commonly used, especially 125mm. The larger caliber is more convenient to take out the semen. It can be stored statically for 90 days, and most of them are stored statically at home. The 50mm caliber can be stored statically for 260 days, and the frequency of rehydration is lower. However, due to the small diameter, it may not be as convenient as 125mm.

Different from the 6-liter and 10-liter artificial insemination tanks, the 30-liter and 35-liter semen tanks can be equipped with double-layer buckets, which have more sperm storage space and can accommodate frozen sperm tubes up to 20,000 pieces!

Summary: 6 liters and 10 liters are commonly used for a small amount of cattle semen, collected outside or brought to breeding tanks. There are more than 2,000 cattle semen tubes and the number will continue to increase. They are still stored statically at home for a long time. 30 liters and 35 liters are used for artificial insemination tanks. Commonly used capacity!

Now everyone knows it!

What are the common capacities of artificial insemination tanks