What are the main types of liquid nitrogen tanks for artificial insemination?

2023-10-30 09:30:49

Liquid nitrogen tanks are classified according to their usage: laboratory storage of cells, agriculture and animal husbandry to preserve animal semen for insemination, only liquid nitrogen storage and use of liquid nitrogen, and self-pressurized liquid nitrogen tanks that can replenish fluids. Among them, artificial insemination semen nitrogen tanks are indispensable in terms of widespread use. What can be further subdivided are liquid nitrogen tanks used for semen storage and artificial insemination.

What are its main categories?

It can be simply classified into three types!

One is to collect sperm outside for artificial insemination;

Another kind of semen collection is completed and stored for a long time to prepare for subsequent artificial insemination;

There is also a liquid nitrogen tank used for artificial insemination for breeding!

When going out to collect semen, you must consider the convenience of carrying it. You may need to go into and out of mountainous areas, and you also need to consider the loss of liquid nitrogen caused by bumps. Therefore, based on comprehensive needs, a portable artificial insemination semen nitrogen tank with a single handle and a small diameter is more suitable. , such as 6 liters and 10 liters. The reason why we did not choose the smaller 2-liter or 3-liter liquid nitrogen is because the storage time of liquid nitrogen is too short to support the movement of semen collection back and forth.

Long-term storage generally involves accumulating a certain amount of frozen semen from animals, and there will be a need to take out the frozen semen for artificial insemination. Portable jars have small capacity and limited storage quantities. Small diameters are not conducive to retrieval, but large diameters have a moderate capacity. Nitrogen tanks for artificial insemination semen are suitable, such as 30 liters of 125, 35 liters of 125, etc.

The third method is to bring an artificial insemination tank for breeding. There will be bumps on the road. Using a storage type tank without internal support is likely to damage the neck tube, cause vacuum leakage, and the container is not insulated. In this case, it is better to use a short 16-liter frozen semen tank than the above two. The short tank body has good stability, there are internal supports that will not easily damage the neck tube, and the daily evaporation loss of small diameters of 50mm and 80mm is not high.

These are several types of liquid nitrogen tanks used for artificial insemination!

What are the main types of liquid nitrogen tanks for artificial insemination