What are the medical liquid nitrogen tanks above 115 liters?

2023-10-27 09:06:00

The uses of liquid nitrogen tanks in hospitals include but are not limited to dermatological treatment of moles and spots, freezing of medical instruments, such as scalpels, and the same use as preservation of scientific research experiments and in vitro fertilization – freezing of biological samples, such as embryos, tissues, etc. Cun etc.

Different ways of adapting liquid nitrogen tanks have different capacities. For example, when treating moles and spots in dermatology departments, portable liquid nitrogen containers of 6 liters or 10 liters are often used. Pour out a little liquid nitrogen at a time and freeze the liquid nitrogen pen. Use small diameter and longer storage time. Small capacity is more suitable.

When freezing samples, you need to consider the convenience of access. Especially when the number of embryos, tissues, blood and other samples is close to 4,000, a medical liquid nitrogen tank of more than 115 liters is needed!

So what are the medical liquid nitrogen tanks above 115 liters?

Answer: There are 130 liters, 145 liters, 160 liters and 175 liters!

These liquid nitrogen tanks have the characteristics of large capacity and large diameter, and are equipped with square buckets (freezing racks) and freezing boxes that are more suitable for fixing and classifying medical samples. The number of samples that can be stored are 4200, 4800, 5400 and 6000 respectively. Each jar can store about 5,000 medical samples. The double-gallery vacuum + thermal insulation structure allows their static storage time to be more than 140 days.

If the number of samples that need to be stored does not exceed 4,000, models of 115 liters and below are sufficient! If the number of samples is smaller and the volume is smaller, there is no need to insist on large diameter. Small-diameter medical liquid nitrogen tanks of 50mm and 80mm are also convenient to use!

What are the medical liquid nitrogen tanks above 115 liters