What can I do if my laboratory snowflake ice machine does not refill automatically?

2023-01-06 09:29:03

Water is the source of ice, and water makes ice!

Whether air-cooled or water-cooled laboratory snow ice machines, the end result is water to ice.

But what if the laboratory ice machine doesn’t refill automatically?

What should I do if I can see the water shortage light come on and stay on, but the machine does not refill automatically?

Of course it’s important to know where the fault is first!

A laboratory snowflake ice machine such as this one that only lights up and does not refill can generally be caused by two possibilities.

1.There is no water inside the pipes, so they cannot be refilled automatically, as there is no water source.

2.The water inlet solenoid valve is faulty, the water inlet valve cannot be opened automatically, the replenishment water cannot come through, and the same cannot be replenished.

The treatment method first look at the pipeline, no water in the pipe is basically a pipeline problem, to ensure that the pipeline into the water can be solved!

If there is one in the pipe then it is a problem with the inlet solenoid valve and needs to be replaced with a new one.

From the ice machine manufacturer’s years of experience, the laboratory snowflake ice machine into the water fault is basically the above two.

Find the right problem first and then deal with it according to the problem, which can generally be solved.

If the above two treatments do not solve the problem, you can contact the manufacturer to determine the fault aid processing!

What can I do if my laboratory snowflake ice machine does not refill automatically