What diameter is the best choice for a liquid nitrogen sperm storage tank?

2023-09-11 09:20:05

Containers and tanks for cryogenic storage of samples almost all have a double-vacuum + opening design.

In order to facilitate more users to save samples, such as sperm, multiple capacities and sizes are designed;

Like liquid nitrogen sperm storage tanks, the capacity ranges from 2 liters to 50 liters, and the matching caliber ranges from 35mm to 125mm. The capacity and caliber are combined into multiple models. In practical applications, you will find that selecting the capacity based on the number of sperm is relatively simple. What is more troublesome is determining the caliber!

If the diameter is large, the liquid nitrogen evaporates faster; if the diameter is small, the movement is limited, and sperm storage and removal are more inconvenient.

So what diameter should I choose for the liquid nitrogen sperm storage tank?

Answer: Commonly used calibers are 50mm, 80mm and 125mm. The specific caliber depends on the usage requirements!

If you are collecting semen for temporary storage, a 50mm diameter portable liquid nitrogen tank of 6 liters or 10 liters is more suitable. It has a relatively long static storage time. It is also small in diameter and has small daily evaporation loss of liquid nitrogen. It is also portable and more convenient to move.

If you want to store the collected semen somewhere, mostly for static storage, and the frequency of opening and use is low, it is more appropriate to choose 80mm or 125mm. Because this caliber is suitable for liquid nitrogen sperm storage tanks with larger capacities, although the caliber is 50mm larger, the liquid nitrogen capacity is also larger, so the static storage time is longer. At the same time, the convenience of accessing the sperm after the sperm count increases is also taken into consideration.

Therefore, you can choose what diameter of the liquid nitrogen sperm storage tank is best. After determining the storage quantity, you can further confirm according to your own use needs! For temporary semen collection, use 50mm diameter; for long-term storage, use 80mm and 12mm!

What diameter is the best choice for a liquid nitrogen sperm storage tank