What do we often refer to as a liquid nitrogen supply tank?

2023-04-26 09:35:26

When replenishing liquid nitrogen containers, especially large-diameter containers, laboratory users prefer to use liquid nitrogen supply tanks.

This kind of liquid nitrogen supply container we often say, what does it refer to?

Are all containers that can supply liquid nitrogen called liquid nitrogen supply tanks? Or does it refer to a certain type of container?

The answer is the latter!

The liquid nitrogen supply tank we often refer to in the cryogenic industry refers to “self-pressurized liquid nitrogen tank”, also called liquid nitrogen transfer tank!

This is a self-pressurized infusion container, and also stores liquid nitrogen by itself, without the participation of external forces!

Its material is 304 stainless steel, which is load-bearing and low-temperature resistant, and it is more beautiful and clean after polishing;

Compared with the liquid nitrogen pump rehydration, the liquid nitrogen supply tank is not limited by the caliber, and the size and caliber can be adapted, and the rehydration speed is faster!

With a full liquid nitrogen supply tank, it only takes 20 seconds to reach the standard 0.05MPa infusion pressure;

When the liquid nitrogen storage capacity is only 3/4, it takes 1 minute to pressurize;

When the liquid nitrogen storage capacity is only 1/4, it takes 8 minutes to pressurize;

Its power source is the liquid nitrogen in the tank, and a small amount of liquid nitrogen is vaporized to quickly output liquid nitrogen, which can ensure the purity!

Therefore, it is preferred by users who do cell cryopreservation and low-temperature biological storage in scientific research laboratories, and is also a commonly used rehydration tank for biological sample banks. It is similar to the high-pressure Dewar bottle, but the safety is better, because the pressure of the liquid nitrogen supply tank does not exceed 0.1MPa, and there are double safety valves to ensure no overpressure and prevent the tank from exploding!

Therefore, it can also be called “low pressure liquid nitrogen tank”!

What do we often refer to as a liquid nitrogen supply tank