What does a liquid nitrogen dewar tank for scientific research samples look like?

2024-07-03 09:59:11

Livestock breeding and breeding needs and scientific research personnel know that liquid nitrogen dewar tanks are a must for long-term and stable sample storage!

But at the same time, I also learned that there is more than one model or type of liquid nitrogen dewar tank. It has multiple series, including sperm storage, scientific research sample storage, dry shipping, and even liquid nitrogen replenishment. These liquid nitrogen containers for different purposes have slightly different appearances!

What does the liquid nitrogen dewar tank used to store scientific research samples look like?

Usually has the characteristics of large capacity + large caliber!

The majority of scientific research samples are various types of animal and plant embryonic cells, biological tissues, blood samples, etc. After preliminary processing, they are mostly in the form of 2ml or 5ml cryotubes, or blood bags, which are relatively large in size, unlike sperm, which are stored in a capillary mode and take up less space. Ordinary round buckets are not convenient to use, and they are not easy to identify when put into a liquid nitrogen dewar tank.

Therefore, scientific research samples are usually placed in a liquid nitrogen tank in a square rack and box, also called a freezing rack or freezing box. The box is divided into compartments to fix each cryotube to prevent it from falling apart. Then, it is placed in a square rack like a drawer and put into the Dewar liquid nitrogen tank. The freezing rack is layered, with one freezing box per layer, so it is easy to identify whether you are doing subsequent management or classified storage.

Due to the rack, there are restrictions on the caliber, which must be larger than 125mm. The capacity is to match the caliber. Large-caliber with large-capacity liquid nitrogen can be used for a longer time. In addition, it is a common phenomenon that there are many scientific research samples. This type of liquid nitrogen dewar tank with large caliber + large capacity + square rack has gradually become exclusive to scientific research.

Now, you know what the liquid nitrogen dewar tank for scientific research samples looks like! Of course, this is not absolute. If you only have a dozen or dozens of samples, you can still choose a small-capacity and small-caliber portable liquid nitrogen tank!

What does a liquid nitrogen dewar tank for scientific research samples look like