What does liquid nitrogen tank YDD stand for?

2023-05-22 10:10:53

Liquid nitrogen tanks, especially liquid nitrogen containers from China, have three common names, namely:

Liquid nitrogen tank + YDS, YDZ or YDD!

YDS means the pinyin abbreviation of liquid nitrogen biological container, which belongs to the naming principle of China; many users know this, because liquid nitrogen tank YDS is more commonly used.

YDZ is the pinyin abbreviation of liquid nitrogen self-pressurization container, and its characteristic is self-pressurization.

What does the liquid nitrogen tank YDD stand for?

In the KGSQ factory, the liquid nitrogen tank YDD represents the vapor-phase liquid nitrogen container, and it is also the freezer of the liquid nitrogen biological sample library that is often called. Because the model is more than 350 liters, it is used for the establishment and use of laboratories and sample banks. The capacity is too large and the caliber is much larger than ordinary liquid nitrogen tanks. Therefore, its abbreviation is YDD, which means large-caliber liquid nitrogen biological container!

Its structure and production also fully implement the “Large Caliber Liquid Nitrogen Biological Container (GB/T 14174-2012)” standard, stainless steel tank body, good load-bearing; with mobile casters, small footprint; equipped with automatic liquid replenishment + liquid level alarm, protection Sample low temperature safety; intelligent monitoring and management system, monitoring temperature, abnormal alarm, recording sample data, convenient for experiment user management.

The larger volume determines that the liquid nitrogen tank YDD is more suitable for the storage of biological samples such as stem cells, embryos, and blood!

The above is the naming principle and main features of liquid nitrogen tank YDD, welcome to learn more!

What does liquid nitrogen tank YDD stand for