What is Snowflake Ice Maker?

2022-05-23 09:20:34

“Ice” is commonly used in restaurants and supermarkets, and there are various types of ice, such as flake ice, block ice, spherical ice, bullet ice, etc., and corresponding ice machines will also be equipped.

These can be collectively referred to as shaped ice, as opposed to shaped ice, which comes from snowflake ice machines.

So do you know what a snowflake ice maker is?

I believe everyone can see the pattern. The ice maker is called flake ice machine, the ice maker is called block ice maker, and the snow ice maker is of course the ice maker that produces snow ice. This kind of machine is often used in laboratories, and it is extremely rare in restaurants and supermarkets.

The ice produced by the snowflake ice-making machine is of small amorphous particles, finely broken like snowflakes, and has a higher water content than other ice types, making it very wet to the touch.

Because the particles are small and can enter the narrower gap, it is used as an ice bath in the laboratory, and the contact surface with the test tube is larger, which can quickly cool down and meet the requirements of the experiment, which is also difficult for other ice types.

It comes out of ice very quickly, and you can see ice in 15 minutes. The whole process is controlled by microcomputer, and a series of water supply, ice making, and de-icing are automatically completed.

It also has the function of automatic detection of system faults and auxiliary experiments. It is well received by life sciences, medicine, agriculture and forestry. Animal husbandry, inspection and quarantine laboratories like it.

What is Snowflake Ice Maker