What is a stem cell bank?

2022-08-26 10:28:45

Recently, many people are talking about stem cell bank. What kind of container is it?

In fact, as you can guess from the name, the so-called “stem cell jar” is a jar for storing stem cells. After all, stem cells are not a material and cannot be made into a jar. Excluding the option named after the material is only used to store this answer.

Stem cells are mostly stored in research institutions or medical laboratories, which may be stem cell preparation storage or stem cell culture. However, whether it is to store preparations or cultivate stem cells, it is inseparable from cell cryopreservation. Therefore, the stem cell bank here is actually a “stem cell liquid nitrogen tank”.

That is, it is a liquid nitrogen container that contains liquid nitrogen, and uses liquid nitrogen low temperature to quickly cool down stem cells and realize long-term cryopreservation of stem cells.

This container is designed according to the characteristics of stem cells that are large in size and exist in “combination”, with a volume of more than 350 liters, and cryopreservation in a gas phase mode with less liquid nitrogen loss;

There are two major divisions inside the stem cell bank, namely the stem cell storage area and the liquid nitrogen storage area. The stem cell storage area is located above the liquid nitrogen and is stored at a low temperature of -150~190°C.

For ease of use and management, this stem cell bank is equipped with rollers at the bottom, equipped with an intelligent system, which can realize automatic replenishment and intelligent management of samples, and also has an automatic alarm function. It needs to be used with a liquid nitrogen replenishment tank.

What is a stem cell bank