What is a wide-neck liquid nitrogen storage dewar?

2023-12-27 09:48:37

We know that liquid nitrogen storage mostly serves commercial activities and experimental research;

Commercial activities, that is, stage nitrogen, liquid nitrogen ice cream, liquid nitrogen gourmet food or mole removal, freezing accessories, etc.;

Scientific research experiments, long-term storage of biological samples such as cells, embryos, semen, etc.!

Therefore, the liquid nitrogen container – liquid nitrogen storage Dewar is divided into two types of specifications according to different uses. One type is good at storing only liquid nitrogen or liquid nitrogen + cow essence, and the other type is for scientific research laboratories. They The only difference between them is the diameter. The former is a small diameter, while the latter is a wide neck, that is, a large diameter!

At this point, everyone should have a little understanding of the wide-neck liquid nitrogen storage Dewar. It is a liquid nitrogen tank with a larger diameter!

How big is it exactly?

This requires everyone to first know the common calibers of liquid nitrogen storage Dewar!

There may be slight differences in different regions, but the more commonly used ones are 50mm, 80mm, 125mm, 210mm and 216mm, and there are also a small amount of 127mm, such as KGSQ’s 47-liter liquid nitrogen storage Dewar!

Among them, 125mm is used as the dividing line, 50mm and 80mm are called small diameters and can only be used with round buckets;

125mm and above, including 125 caliber, are called wide necks and can be placed in a square bucket, which is also a freezing rack!

Therefore, the wide-neck liquid nitrogen storage Dewar is actually a liquid nitrogen tank with a standard freezing rack. KGS Q calls it a laboratory series liquid nitrogen tank! The volume is 30-175 liters. It can be used with a smart liquid level alarm and a mobile trolley. It is made of aviation aluminum, has sufficient internal storage space, and has small evaporation loss of liquid nitrogen. It is often seen in universities and scientific research laboratories!

Now, everyone knows what a wide-neck liquid nitrogen storage Dewar is!

What is a wide-neck liquid nitrogen storage dewar