What is an LN2 dewar?

2022-07-18 10:16:55

Liquid nitrogen, a low-temperature liquid, is very “gifted” in refrigeration and freezing!

However, liquid nitrogen is volatile and has no fixed shape. A carrier is needed to hold liquid nitrogen to store samples. This container is a liquid nitrogen tank!

But even with a liquid nitrogen tank, it can only slow down the volatilization rate of liquid nitrogen.

Therefore, in order to better use liquid nitrogen to preserve samples, while paying attention to the amount of liquid nitrogen used, it is also necessary to replenish it at an appropriate time to ensure that liquid nitrogen can completely cover the sample. The container for liquid nitrogen replenishment is ln2 Dewar!

Ln2 dewar, a container for liquid nitrogen transfer and storage!

Ln2 Dewar has its own booster system. When the system is turned on and reaches a certain pressure, liquid nitrogen can be delivered!

After the delivery is completed, the pressurization system can be turned off to stop.

The responsible manufacturer also installed a pressure relief system for the ln2 Dewar.

After the pressurization system is closed, the pressure relief system is opened to discharge the residual pressure and residual liquid nitrogen together, which can not only avoid the pressurization of the storage tank, but also avoid the pipeline Blocked for safety.

In addition, note that although ln2 Dewar has pressure, it is a low-pressure container with a pressure of no more than 0.09MPa. Do not confuse it with high-pressure containers!

Seeing this, everyone knows what ln2 Dewar does!

What is an LN2 dewar