What is stored in a Biobank tanks?

2022-05-11 09:29:54

Biobank tanks, also known as biobanks, are a biological application system for standardized collection, processing and centralized storage of various biological materials.It stores materials related to clinical treatment of diseases and life science research. Different types of Biobank tanks store different contents, what exactly do they store?

What is stored in a Biobank tanks

Let’s look at the types of Biobank tanks:

1.Blood banks are used to store blood, serum, plasma, whole blood, etc., and play an important role in promoting the research of blood diseases.

2. Cornea bank, storing corneas, used for corneal transplantation and other eye diseases in clinical treatment.

3. Bone marrow bank, long-term storage of bone marrow, promotes research on immune system diseases, and can be used for clinical treatment.

4. Stem cell bank, which stores cord blood stem cells, embryonic stem cells, etc., is a relatively common one now.Many parents store stem cells and cord blood for their children, making health investments ahead of time for the future.

Stem cells have a magical effect on intractable diseases and diseases with unknown causes and mechanisms, and researchers are constantly studying them.

In addition, Biobank tanks can also store normal cells, genetically mutant cells, tumor cells and hybridoma cell lines (lines) and cell line (line) banks, as well as biological fluids, human organs and tissues, processed biological samples RNA, DNA, protein, etc. There is also information related to these samples.