What is that thing that looks like a colander in the liquid nitrogen tank?

2023-05-17 09:19:22

Liquid nitrogen tanks need to be used with “tools”.

Because the temperature of liquid nitrogen is low, it cannot be taken with bare hands; the sample also needs “tools” as an intermediary, otherwise it will float on the liquid nitrogen and cannot be stored at low temperature. Users of such tools call them gifts, and manufacturers call them accessories!

Among the many accessories, the most relevant to the sample is the “bucket”, that is, what is the colander in the liquid nitrogen tank that users often ask?

The colander of the liquid nitrogen tank is actually a bucket! There are two kinds of leakage and no leakage!

It can be used for extracting liquid nitrogen or pouring without leakage. It can be used whether it is for low-temperature sample storage, or simply storing liquid nitrogen, making liquid nitrogen food, spotting with liquid nitrogen, and making branding.

Leaky pails are mainly used to store biological samples, such as frozen semen. Liquid nitrogen will seep into the pail from the bottom of the pail to fully contact the semen tubules to achieve rapid cooling and good low-temperature storage.

Like the commonly used models of KGSQ liquid nitrogen tanks, the bucket comes standard with 3 pieces, and there are also neck plugs, lock caps, and protective sleeves, all of which are free gifts. Like the bucket, the neck plugs, lock lids, and protective sleeves are also used to assist users , making containers more convenient to use!