What is the appropriate capacity for a liquid nitrogen cell storage tank?

2023-11-08 09:53:24

If the liquid nitrogen containers are divided according to the type of use, the top one, besides bovine sperm cryopreservation, is experimental cell storage.

Due to their uses, their common capacities and calibers are different, and their supporting accessories are also differentiated. Many manufacturers, such as KGSQ, classify them separately. For example, the ones used for laboratory cells are called “liquid nitrogen cell storage tanks”. It contains a capacity of 30-175 liters, and has the same characteristics of large diameter and freezer rack.

Faced with so much capacity, when there is a real need for cell storage, what capacity should be chosen for storage?

In practical applications, what is the appropriate capacity of a liquid nitrogen cell storage tank?

The more correct way to choose is to look at the correspondence between the number of cells and the total storage capacity of the liquid nitrogen cell tank!

Cells that have been processed and need to be cryopreserved are usually placed in 2ml or 5ml cryopreservation tubes. The storage capacity of liquid nitrogen cell tanks is also based on this. Different capacities of 30-175 liters correspond to different cell storages. The larger the capacity, the greater the storage quantity! details as follows:

YDS-30-125, with a capacity of 30 liters, 6 freezing racks can store 600 2ml cryopreservation tubes;

YDS-35-125, with a capacity of 35 liters, 6 freezing racks can hold 750 2ml cryopreservation tubes;

YDS-47-127, with a capacity of 47 liters, 6 racks can store 900 2ml cryovials;

YDS-65-216, 65 liter capacity, equipped with 6 freezing racks, can store 1944/2400 2ml cryopreservation tubes;

YDS-95-216, 95 liter capacity, 6 freezing racks, can hold 2430/3000 2ml cryopreservation tubes;

YDS-115-216, with a capacity of 115 liters, can store 2916/3600 cells;

YDS-145-216, 145 liter capacity, 216mm diameter, cell reserve 3888/4800;

YDS-175-216, 175 liter liquid nitrogen cell storage tank, 6 freezing racks to hold 4860/6000 cells.

Different capacities correspond to different reserves. In practical applications, it is appropriate to compare your cell number with the specific reserves of a certain capacity! If your cell number is less than 600 cells, it is recommended to use a conventional liquid nitrogen storage tank of 2-35 liters.

What is the appropriate capacity for a liquid nitrogen cell storage tank