What is the calibre of the liquid nitrogen container that will hold the cryobox?

2024-05-27 10:05:41

Everyone is familiar with the application of liquid nitrogen containers, if you have been engaged in scientific research experiments and animal husbandry.

From the use of liquid nitrogen containers will also learn that there is a capacity and calibre distinction, even if only the cell storage, if the optional accessories are different, the calibre of the appropriate container will have a certain difference. Round bucket storage cell tubes is a category, put the square shelf of the cryopreservation box, also known as the cryopreservation rack, square bucket is another category of relatively large calibre!

And what exactly is the calibre of the liquid nitrogen container that will hold the cryobox?


As mentioned above, the cell freezing box placed in the liquid nitrogen tank needs a square rack to fix it. Therefore, whenever the freezing box is to be placed, a square rack must be used. And because the freezing boxes are square in shape such as 5×5, 6×6, or 10×10, the factory size cannot be changed. Square racks are suitable for freezing boxes, and the specifications are fixed and cannot be changed.

Currently on the market commonly used square shelves, the size of 5×5, 6×6 and 9×9, the width of the shelf decided, can not be compatible with the calibre below 125mm. That is to say, even if the capacity of 50mm and 80mm calibre liquid nitrogen containers is suitable, there is a limitation on the calibre, which is impossible to put in the cryopreservation box. If you can barely fit them in, such as the 80mm calibre, it is more inconvenient to take samples, and it is even more inconvenient when the number of shelves in the container is large!

Only 125mm or more, large enough opening, can achieve easy to put in and take out the freezing box matching freezing shelf, so that the cells and storage and access to become easy.

Finally, note that the wide-necked liquid nitrogen container has a relatively small diameter higher evaporation, when using the need to pay attention to monitor the liquid level and timely replenishment! Sufficient funds can be equipped with liquid nitrogen tank alarm to real-time observation of the temperature, timely warning, reminding the replenishment of liquid Oh!

What is the calibre of the liquid nitrogen container that will hold the cryobox