What is the capacity of a liquid nitrogen container for cell storage?

2023-09-25 09:37:01

In the long-term storage of laboratory cells, liquid nitrogen containers play an important role!

It not only extends the storage time of cryogenic liquid nitrogen, but also “builds” a space where liquid nitrogen and cells can coexist, so that cells can be completely immersed in liquid nitrogen, which is something that other biological containers cannot do. of.

However, there are many types and models of liquid nitrogen containers after all, and not all liquid nitrogen biological containers can be used for cell storage. For example, some small-capacity liquid nitrogen tanks are only suitable for storing liquid nitrogen, or are more suitable for semen storage.

So what is the capacity of a liquid nitrogen container that can be used for cell storage?

Answer: Commonly used capacity is 30-175 liters!

To be specific, they are 30, 35 liters, 47, 65 liters, 95, 115 liters and 145, 175 liters!

These models of liquid nitrogen tanks have the characteristics of large diameter and are designed based on laboratory cell storage. Unlike sperm tanks with buckets, they are more suitable for cell cryopreservation racks, with 4-10 layers of 5×5 or 10×10 grids, which can place cells. boxes and cryovials to prevent samples from falling.

With a large capacity of more than 30 liters and sufficient internal storage space, it can accommodate about 600-6000 samples, which can meet most cell cryopreservation needs. In addition to the matching freezing rack, there is also a locking cover to protect the experimental cells in the container to prevent samples from being stolen or accidentally touched, which will affect the experimental results. It is made of high-quality aviation aluminum material and has good thermal insulation performance.

The above are the capacity and basic characteristics of liquid nitrogen containers used for cell storage, large capacity and large diameter + high thermal insulation performance!

Of course, if you want to save a small number of cells, a small-capacity liquid nitrogen container can also be sufficient!

What is the capacity of a liquid nitrogen container for cell storage