What is the function of several valves on Ln2 tank?

2022-09-23 09:16:45

Ln2 tank with valve, only self-pressurized liquid nitrogen tank,

Stainless steel material, with valve and casters, used for liquid nitrogen transfer;

Several valves are the “control system” of the Ln2 tank, which directly affects the liquid outlet, liquid inlet, and pressure relief and venting!

Now, let’s talk about the role of several valves on the Ln2 tank in detail!

Valve 1: Evacuation valve

The valve with emptying function discharges residual pressure and liquid nitrogen, avoiding the increase of liquid nitrogen loss and even causing danger.

If you are injecting liquid nitrogen into the self-pressurized liquid nitrogen tank, you need to open the vent valve first to release the air and relieve the pressure;

If liquid nitrogen is injected into other containers, the vent valve should be closed first, and the vent valve should be opened after the rehydration is completed.

Valve two: booster valve

A valve that acts as a booster to increase the pressure on the liner.

When it is opened, it can be put into the pressurized pipe to vaporize liquid nitrogen, so that the pressure of the Ln2 tank can be increased.

When standing for storage, it should be closed tightly to avoid pressurization of Ln2 tank.

Valve three: safety valve

The valve that controls the pressure of the inner tank keeps the pressure within a safe range and avoids exceeding 0.09MPa.

The safety valve is usually closed, but when the pressure of the inner tank exceeds 0.09MPa, it will automatically open to release the pressure.

Valve four: inlet and outlet valve

As the name suggests, the valves for the inlet and outlet of liquid nitrogen.

The injection of liquid nitrogen into the Ln2 tank needs to be turned on; the delivery of liquid nitrogen to other containers also needs to be turned on!

It does not participate in pressurization and decompression, it is just a channel for liquid nitrogen to enter and exit.

What is the function of several valves on Ln2 tank