What is the internal temperature of the YDS liquid nitrogen dewar tank?

2024-06-14 09:59:19

There are many types of containers containing liquid nitrogen, including pressurized and open types, as well as larger storage tanks;

But if we add a limitation – to store samples, then there is only the open type, that is, the YDS liquid nitrogen dewar tank!

These containers, the pressurized ones, only store and supply liquid nitrogen, which means they only need to provide vacuum insulation to extend the storage time of liquid nitrogen as much as possible, and the temperature is not within the user’s consideration. The yds liquid nitrogen dewar is different. It stores both liquid nitrogen and samples, so it needs to provide a “comfortable” temperature environment for the samples, allowing them to suspend their life activities while ensuring their activity, without affecting their normal proliferation after rewarming.

Do you know what the internal temperature of the YDS liquid nitrogen dewar tank is?

Answer: It is -196℃, but maintaining this temperature requires a continuous and uninterrupted supply of liquid nitrogen!

The low temperature required for experimental samples is usually in the range of -130℃~-196℃. The specific temperature requirements of different samples may be different, but they are all within this range. Liquid nitrogen dewar tanks are designed for liquid nitrogen storage. The vacuum + insulation structure creates a good insulation environment for liquid nitrogen, reduces its volatilization, and the material will not be damaged by liquid nitrogen. Therefore, it can allow liquid nitrogen to act as a medium for the sample to be suitable for cryogenic.

When using it, the user needs to fix the sample in a small container, which may be a round bucket or a square rack, and then immerse the sample in liquid nitrogen. In this way, the sample is in a stable environment at -196℃.

We also know that liquid nitrogen will evaporate a little in the liquid nitrogen dewar every day, and the liquid level will gradually decrease over time. When the liquid nitrogen can no longer cover the sample, the freezing temperature will change and rise. For sample safety considerations, the manufacturer recommends replenishing liquid nitrogen when the liquid nitrogen can no longer cover the sample to keep the sample immersed in liquid nitrogen. According to this operation, its internal temperature is -196℃.

Of course, if you want to know the real-time temperature inside the container, you can also install a liquid nitrogen tank alarm. In addition to the real-time temperature display, it will also emit sound and light + email and SMS warnings when there is a temperature change at the sample!

What is the internal temperature of the YDS liquid nitrogen dewar tank