What is the model of liquid nitrogen Dewar used in dermatology?

2023-11-24 09:32:13

The use of liquid nitrogen Dewar is not only for sample storage. Before the cryopreservation of biological samples was derived, people wanted to preserve liquid nitrogen more and use liquid nitrogen to do some things, perhaps freezing parts, or now Liquid nitrogen and food pairing, liquid nitrogen and stage smoke, liquid nitrogen beauty, etc. Among them, liquid nitrogen beauty treatment is more common in dermatology, such as removing moles and warts.

Because of different uses, usage requirements vary. Some value convenience, while others care more about storage time. To facilitate users, various brands of liquid nitrogen Dewars are designed in various types and models, from sample storage coverage to simple liquid nitrogen use. There’s even liquid nitrogen transfer. So what type of liquid nitrogen Dewar is used in dermatology?

The more commonly used ones are portable liquid nitrogen Dewars, such as 6 liters, 10 liters, and a small number of 3 liters!

These three liquid nitrogen Dewars commonly used in dermatology have the common characteristics of a single handle, aviation aluminum material, and double bladder vacuum insulation. They are small in size and can be carried by one person with one hand. It is more in line with the needs of the dermatology department to pour out the liquid nitrogen and soak the liquid nitrogen pen for spotting moles and spots. In addition, these three models mostly use a small diameter of 50mm, which has small daily evaporation loss of liquid nitrogen and a long storage time.

For example, the 10-liter liquid nitrogen Dewar has a diameter of 50mm and has a static storage time of 87 days;

A 6-liter 50mm liquid nitrogen tank can be stored statically for 53 days, and a 3-liter 50mm liquid nitrogen tank can be stored statically for 26 days!

Therefore, considering the portable needs of dermatology and longer liquid nitrogen storage time, 10 liters 50 and 6 liters 50 are more commonly used. Moreover, in addition to these small liquid nitrogen Dewars and liquid nitrogen pens, dermatology departments also often use liquid nitrogen treatment devices, also called “liquid nitrogen cups” and cryogenic liquid nitrogen spray guns!

What is the model of liquid nitrogen Dewar used in dermatology