What is the reason for the Ln2 supply tank to automatically release pressure after pressurization?

2024-06-07 09:26:39

It is different from the YDS liquid nitrogen container which is only a vacuum aluminum tank, has no working pressure and is relatively simple to operate;

The pressurized LN2 supply tank is a new type of liquid nitrogen supply container. Users do not know as much about it as YDS, and their experience in using it is also less than that of YDS liquid nitrogen containers. They are at a loss for what to do in some emergencies and do not know how to deal with them. Improper operation may also lead to poor liquid nitrogen delivery, automatic pressure relief during pressurization, etc.

Today, let’s talk about why the liquid nitrogen supply tank automatically releases pressure after being pressurized?

There are two reasons: normal and abnormal!

Normal phenomenon, that is, due to improper operation, the pressure is too high exceeding 0.09MPa, and the container opens the double safety valve protection, automatically releases the pressure, and prevents a series of problems that may be caused by the pressure increase. When the pressure of the ln2 supply tank is completely released, it will stop automatically. During this period, only the double safety valve is working, and other valves are temporarily stopped. No human intervention is required.

Abnormal phenomenon means that the pressure gauge shows normal, the liquid nitrogen flow rate is consistent with the standard pressure of 0.05MPa, there is no particularly large change, and the flow rate is particularly high, but the container is automatically releasing pressure. In this case, it is not recommended for users to handle it by themselves. You can contact the manufacturer or supplier of the ln2 supply tank to help solve this problem.

Of course, there may be abnormal pressure gauge values, misleading users into thinking the pressure is too high, but in this case the liquid nitrogen flow rate will increase significantly. You can use the speed of liquid nitrogen output to determine whether the pressure gauge value of the ln2 supply tank is inaccurate!

These three situations are the ones that will cause the LN2 supply tank to automatically release pressure after being pressurized. You can refer to them. If you don’t understand the product, just contact the relevant manufacturer directly to provide the after-sales service that the pressurized liquid nitrogen tank should have!

What is the reason for the Ln2 supply tank to automatically release pressure after pressurization