What is the reason for the slow de-icing of ice in a cube ice maker?

2022-11-21 09:47:01

Milk tea stores, bars commonly used cube ice machine, making small cubes of ice with drinks with.

This kind of beverage store with ice demand is often larger, the ice machine ice efficiency is also demanding.

Once the ice is slow to come out, it affects business and does not supply customer demand.

So, today, ice machine manufacturers mainly talk to you about the causes and solutions of slow ice making and de-icing in cube ice machines!

There are 5 main reasons for slow ice production and de-icing.

1.Ice machine refrigerant is not enough

Cube ice machine normal operation as well as consumption of refrigerant, refrigerant is not enough, of course, the efficiency of the cure greatly reduced.

2.The ambient temperature is too high

Ice production requires low temperatures, and of course the lower the ambient temperature the more efficient the ice production.

Therefore, when the temperature is too high, the problem of slow ice production will occur, and the recommendation is to control the ambient temperature below 35℃.

3.Ice making environment is too confined

The confined space will allow the machine to dissipate heat poorly, thus affecting the efficiency of ice making.

4.Refrigerant line failure

It may be that the ice machine refrigerant line into the impurities, or the line may be deformed, obstructing the flow of refrigerant, need to check themselves.

5.Air-cooled type, the fan does not turn

Air-cooled cube ice machine, if the fan does not turn, or turn more slowly, poor heat dissipation, will directly affect the effect of ice making, serious or even burn the compressor.

What is the reason for the slow de-icing of ice in a cube ice maker