What is the storage pressure of Ln2 Dewar

2022-05-09 09:37:41

Ln2 Dewar, a stainless steel liquid nitrogen container, has its own pressure. The internal liquid nitrogen is discharged by boosting the pressure to 0.05MPa.It can be used as a liquid nitrogen supply tank for biological sample banks, and can also be used for storage or transportation. Liquid nitrogen supply tank liquid nitrogen.

So if the pressure supply ends and there is still liquid nitrogen in the Ln2 Dewar, does it require pressure to store these liquid nitrogen? What is the storage pressure?

Tianchi tells you: no pressure! Store liquid nitrogen without pressure.

Ln2 Dewar will only use pressure when it is in the working state, that is, supplying liquid nitrogen, because the liquid nitrogen must be pressed out with pressure, and the storage state is its non-working state, in which case no pressure is required.

Moreover, in order to avoid pressure, always open the vent valve and close the booster valve, so as not to allow external heat or humid air to enter, causing the pressure in the Ln2 Dewar to rise, or freezing to block the pipeline, after all, these two situations are all dangerous.

What is the storage pressure of Ln2 Dewar