What kind of liquid nitrogen container is used to store microbial strains?

2023-10-11 09:10:23

As we all know, there are two main uses of liquid nitrogen containers, one for sample storage and the other for pure liquid nitrogen storage!

Sample storage is subdivided into various uses. One of the more representative ones is animal husbandry sperm cryopreservation, and the other is experimental cell storage!

But experimental research will not only be limited to cells, but also strains, microorganisms, embryos, and even viruses. What should they be used for? What kind of liquid nitrogen container should be used to store these microbial strains?

Of course, it is the laboratory series of liquid nitrogen biological containers, which are often called liquid nitrogen containers for cell storage!

This type of container has the characteristics of large diameter + large capacity. The tank design has good stability and moderate height, which can provide a large storage space. Depending on the capacity, the number of samples that can be accommodated ranges from 900 to 6000, which is more suitable for experiments. Preservation of batches of microorganisms and strains in the site. The appropriate height and large diameter make it easy for operators to take.

In addition, this type of liquid nitrogen container is equipped with 6 standard freezing racks, which are used to fix the freezing boxes and facilitate user classification management. Of course, you can also directly put the processed microorganisms and strains into tanks for long-term storage without using a freezing rack. Comes with a neck plug and locking cover to enhance thermal insulation performance, reduce liquid nitrogen volatilization, and lock samples to prevent loss.

If you are preserving microorganisms and strains, choosing this type of laboratory liquid nitrogen container is perfect!

In addition, I would like to remind everyone that if your number of microorganisms and strains is far less than 900 and you do not need a capacity between 30-175 liters, you can also choose other small liquid nitrogen tanks!

What kind of liquid nitrogen container is used to store microbial strains