What kind of water do I need to make ice in a cube ice maker?

2022-12-16 14:19:48

The ice cubes you see in bars, milk tea stores and cafes are mostly from the “cube ice machine“.

Because it is often used with drinks and food, its water quality requirements are higher than other snow or bullet ice machines. What kind of water is needed to make ice in that cube ice machine?

Purified water is preferred, or you can use tap water!

In fact, it still depends on the water quality of each region to see, if the water quality is very good, no limescale, tap water can meet the demand.

However, if the local water quality is poor, you can choose purified water or install a water purifier to the cube ice machine that uses tap water.

Because, if the water quality is poor, the process of making ice will produce scale, scale more clogged water holes, causing difficulties in making ice or can not make ice problems arise, affecting the use of bad.

Moreover, if the water quality is poor, the ice cubes produced will not be clear and crystal clear enough.

Therefore, many users will add a water purifier connected to the ice machine, so as to eliminate the trouble of frequent replacement of buckets of water, but also to ensure the quality of ice and ice making efficiency, making square ice fast and good!

What kind of water do I need to make ice in a cube ice maker