What material is the liquid nitrogen dry shipper tank made of?

2024-01-24 09:49:02

Materials are indispensable for the composition of objects.

In addition to the craftsmanship, what determines its value and performance is often the material!

Cryogenic liquid nitrogen containers are no exception. Whether it is a liquid nitrogen tank used for cell storage, a liquid nitrogen sperm storage tank, or a liquid nitrogen dry shipper, the material must be insulated, resistant to low temperatures, and have stable performance, otherwise It will react chemically with liquid nitrogen early, or the liquid nitrogen will evaporate quickly just like putting it in an ordinary metal tank.

We know that cell storage tanks and sperm storage tanks are made of the same material. They are both aviation aluminum alloy or aluminum alloy. Is the same for liquid nitrogen dry shippers? After all, the first two tend to store samples statically, and the samples need to be soaked in liquid nitrogen, but dry shippers use airplanes and high-speed rails to transport samples, and there must be no flowing liquid in the tank.

It is the same?

What material is the liquid nitrogen dry shipper tank made of?

In fact, the material of the dry shipper container is also aviation aluminum or aluminum alloy!

This material has stable performance, low temperature resistance, high strength and is very light, making it very suitable for use as a sample transfer tank.

Moreover, everyone should know that as far as cryogenic liquid nitrogen containers are concerned, the storage method of samples has nothing to do with the material, but has to do with the internal structure design. In order to prevent liquid from flowing in the liquid nitrogen dry shipper tank and to cool it down with the help of low temperature, its interior is designed with an interlayer and a stainless steel mesh screen and adsorbent material are added. A stainless steel mesh screen separates the adsorbent material and the sample. The adsorbent material absorbs flowing liquid nitrogen to ensure that the temperature in the tank is as low as liquid nitrogen, which is equivalent to vapor-phase cryopreservation of biological samples without flowing liquid nitrogen.​

So, everyone knows, the liquid nitrogen dry shipper tank body is still made of aviation aluminum or aluminum alloy, depending on the choice of different manufacturers.

What material is the liquid nitrogen dry shipper tank made of