What models of liquid nitrogen cell storage tanks are available?

2022-11-25 09:19:20

Liquid nitrogen cell storage tanks, the type of liquid nitrogen tanks specifically used to store cells!

They are designed to meet the needs of cell freezing and therefore have different capacities, calibers and accessories than other liquid nitrogen tanks.

There are also differences in caliber, height, etc. between the liquid nitrogen tanks used for semen storage!

What models of liquid nitrogen cell storage tanks are available?

A: 30, 35 liters, 65, 80 liters, 100, 120 liters, and 150, 175 liters, in order from small to large!

Commonly used models 30, 35 liters, with 125, 210mm caliber.

All can be placed in 5 layers 5X5 lyophilization shelves, the number of lyophilization shelves is 6, the difference is the liquid nitrogen storage time!

65 and 80 liters, the same 125, 210mm caliber, but also another difference in the number of tanks, liquid nitrogen preservation time is longer.

100~175 liter liquid nitrogen cell storage tanks, can put more layers of lyophilization racks, up to 15 layers of 5X5 lyophilization racks; 12 9X9 lyophilization racks and 10 6X6 ones, because of more capacity to hold more cells.

These high-capacity liquid nitrogen cell storage tanks also have a static shelf life of 100 days or more, and can be chosen for storage of large quantities of cell samples.

There is another kind of liquid nitrogen tank for storing cells, also called liquid nitrogen tank for biological sample bank, liquid nitrogen tank for stem cell bank, etc.

It can hold hundreds or hundreds of thousands of cells, embryos, blood and other samples, and therefore, it is not rarely used in the establishment of sample banks, and the cost is higher than ordinary liquid nitrogen cell storage tanks.

What models of liquid nitrogen cell storage tanks are available